ChangeWave: Android Interest Catching Up to iPhone

by Michael Comeau on September 30, 2010

ChangeWave Research just dropped some interesting data from its latest consumer smartphone survey.

Interest in smartphones powered by Google’s (GOOG) Android operating system has hit an all0time high at 37% – that’s an amazing accomplishment when you consider that Android was basically off the radar until November of 2009 when the first Motorola (MOT) Droid was released:

But what’s really interesting is that interest in the Apple (AAPL) iPhone dropped a bit as Android’s rose, bringing them essentially neck and neck:

However, iPhone 4 looks like it’s doing just fine. It’s still back ordered for three weeks at the same way it’s been since its June release.

So don’t read too much into this data – there is room for multiple players here, and Apple is still selling a ton of phones.

HT: InvestorPlace

disclosure: long AAPL & MOT

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