Belated Macbook Air Reaction

by Michael Comeau on October 27, 2010

I’ve had some time to digest the new Macbook Air, and hot damn, Apple (AAPL) just ruined life for the old-school Windows PC makers one more time.

The old Macbook Air was way overpriced and way underpowered. However, the new models start at just $999 and scream performance-wise due to their fast solid-state drives.

Start-up in less than 15 seconds? Sign me up!

Now solid-state drives aren’t new, but the fact that Apple stuck one in an incredibly sexily-packaged sub-$1,000 Macbook is a very, very big deal.

And most importantly, just like the iPad, the competition has absolutely no answer to the new Macbook Air. So by definition, they look old and out of touch.

The iPad is disrupting the PC industry, and I see the new Macbook Air as doing the same. It’s essentially an iPad crossed with a Macbook – something that will appeal to a lot of folks that aren’t ready for a touchscreen device and who need to run traditional applications.

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